Saturday, April 25, 2009

Three posts, one day

Seeing as I went post crazy today here's an easier way.
The Cutest Kid in the Region
Easter Video
My Little Easter Bunny

The Cutest Kid in the Region!

This is of course aside from Kaela,Knoah,Ellie,Emma and Andrea of course! Oh, well, then there's the non blogging kids of course... Emily & Matthew. AND let's not forget the Average Height siblings.....Hannah, Jacob, Will, Rayme....Oh SHOOT! Let's just call it even! They are all stinking cute! Anyways, cuteness isn't the point! The point is what a blast we had in GR last weekend!

We attended our first regional LPA conference in Grand Rapids last Friday. It was different than we expected. We thought it to be a little more like National as far as organized LPA activites. You know, meetings, groups, seminars. There was more free time and it seemed more social in nature.

That was just fine by Dan and I! In fact, it was a very welcome surprise. We were able to relax and enjoy the company of our fellow LPA members. I was also able to figure out who was who within our chaper and region. As the Chapter Newsletter editor, I see a lot of names on paper and I was finally able to put faces to names. Nice!

Owen was extrordinarily good with the exception of a couple kids room meltdowns. For some reason he was just not interested in being left in the kids room while we attended the Parent's Meeting or the banquet. He's been pretty clingy lately. Even at daycare, which he's been attending since he was 3 months old and LOVES, he's been crying when we've been dropping him off.

My aunt and grandma live 10 minutes from the hotel the conference was held in so we stayed with them, not so much to avoid paying for a hotel room but just to visit with them. It was really nice to get to spend the weekend with them! Plus the homecooked meals were a great perk. I'm 30 years old. Will I ever grow out of sponging off my family?

Ok, so listen to this story...
I was walking by one of the banquet rooms and it was decked out with prom decorations. There were signs up that said "Kevhead High Prom 2009" and "Go Beavers!" I was kinda excited to see the kids dressed in their prom gear. Well, I walked by about an hour later and saw a Durex banner hanging over a table full of condums and lube. I was horrified! I'm thinking "OK, I went to Catholic school. It this what they are doing in the public schools now?" I mean I can appreciate trying to prevent teens from getting pregnant on prom night, but really?! Advertising condoms with a big banner and lube? Inappropriate!

Well, later on, I start noticing all these adults dressed in leisure suites and bad 80's dresses. It turns out that it was a radio station event with a prom theme! Duh! Go beavers? How'd I miss that? I sure felt a lot better. Anyway, after our Karoke party, our party crashed the prom and everyone had a great time!

Here's some pictures from the weekend

Isn't this kinda trippy? Owen was a karaoke master 7 year old Emma took this picture of my handsome husband Dan was a hit with the ladies! (Emily, Ellie and Emma)
Owen danced the night away. This is his happy fun face. Emma took this picture too. And this one....
And this one. I think we have a budding photographer in our midst.
Owen and his daddy
My favorite species of butterfly. Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue? Tuckered out after a weekend of fun!

Easter Video

I obviously am trying out some new Video Editing Software. Guess I couldn't really hide that huh?

My little Easter Bunny

Whew! Ok! Got a lotta catching up to do!
Let's start with Easter

Owen and his dad
Trying out Owen's Easter present from 'Ama and Papa. A remote control car!
My mother's delicious Easter ham
My delicious Caesar Salad from a bag
Carrots and Onions with fennel

Ready for a nap after the big meal OK! Ready for the leftovers!

I know, I know...Right now you're thinking "What the hell? You haven't blogged in a month and you post pictures of your easter ham and bag o' salad? What's wrong with you?"
As we speak, I'm working on a post about regional! Stay tuned....