Monday, May 17, 2010

I don’t suppose we could skip the explanation part could we?

I guess after abandoning my blog for almost 10 months you’ll probably want some answers huh?  IMG_1872

IMG_1689 IMG_1825IMG_1809   IMG_2010IMG_1883IMG_1785  I think the biggest thing was….I got really busy with work, Owen, and life in general.  Once two weeks went by, I knew I’d have to write a big post and it was daunting.  After 4 weeks?  It got even bigger and I was just plain procrastinating.  I just ended up saying screw it and moving on.  I will say – there was a bit of freedom in not feeling like I had to keep up the blog.  Plus Facebook seemed like a much easier way to update everyone.  On the other side, I felt guilty every time I thought about my poor, cold and lonely abandoned blog.  As long as we are on the honesty train, I will honestly let you know that I make no promises that I will keep frequently posting! 

So now I suppose it’s a Special Edition post of the How Life Is Measured Blog:  Where Are They Now?  If I post more, I fill in bits and pieces of the past year, but for now – I’ll focus on Owen.

IMG_22052 Owen is a total chatter box.  The kid cracks me up!  He’s always jabber jawing about something.  When he’s not actually talking, he’s humming or singing and I’ve gotta tell you, this kid’s got talent.  Maybe he can someday fulfill my unrealized American Idol dreams!  I can see it now his audition song “The Little Einstein Theme”.  Randy would call it “Hot baby!”, Ellen would tell him he’s “adorable”, Kara would tell him she really felt how much passion he had for the song and Simon would tell him he had just had a “moment” and that he will see Owen in the finals. 

But I digress….

Speaking of Little Einsteins, he’s pretty much one himself.        *** SHAMELESS BRAGGING ALERT***                                             He can count up to 25, an read about 20 words and adding more everyday (In fact as I am IMG_20022writing this, he just read “Lions Gate” off of the video he is watching), can spell about 10 works (Owen, Thomas, open, toy, mom, dad, go, cat, dog, Percy, train), and understands concepts like opposites, matching, memory.   That’s not even the best part.  I think I’m most impressed with Owen’s sense of comedic timing.  For example I’ll say to him “I think no Owen”, he’ll look right at me, bat his eyelashes and sweetly say “I think yes mama.”   He loves to sneak up on his Grandpa while he’s sleeping and “charge” him.  Dan and I were talking about money the other day and he walked right up to us and said “No money – no ticket!”. Where does he get this stuff?!

IMG_2114 I love when he change the words around in songs to include his favorite  things like “Thomas the Blue Steam Engine” instead of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” or “5 Little Owens Jumping on the Bed” (which of course he sings while jumping on the bed). 


He loves chocolate milk and PANCAKES!!! This kid and his breakfast food.  First it was Cheerios, then eggs, now pancakes. My parents have actually based their restaurant choices on whether or not they serve breakfast at dinnertime.  

Owen still loves Thomas but he took a back seat to Curious  IMG_2043George for a while. Toy story seems to be creeping up on George and the Little Einsteins are making a big comeback.   Oh yeah – just so you don’t think we let our child sit in front of the TV all day, he loves the playground too! 

Hmmm….well I think that should get us started for now.  Yes, I think that will be plenty to chew for the moment.  I will try to post more soon!



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