Monday, December 3, 2007


To those who were confused by my Holland reference in the last post... "Welcome to Holland" is an essay written by Emily Perl Kingsley in reference to raising her child with Down Syndrome. I first read this in the LPA welcome packet as it has become someone of an inspirational reading for all parents of "differently-abled" children. "Welcome to Holland"


Lisa said...

It took me a second when I first saw your mention of Holland to realize it was this poem. I blame my chaotic life right now for my slow reaction. I've been wanting to post that poem on my site too. One of my favorites.
Feel free to link to our site. I need to set up some type of "links to others sites" as well. Will probably take me a bit to do that. I'm waiting for things to calm down in our life.. Hopefully, that will happen!

Katie said...

Holland isn't such a bad place to be... I agree!

Jennifer said...

I never really wanted to visit Holland. It held no interst for me. But now that I'm there.....WOW! What a great trip! Now there's no place I'd rather be!

Grandma Merciez

Jennifer Racine said...

Hi Catherine, I read your blog after I got your mom's holiday card . . . :) As you know, my oldest son Ben was born with significant hearing loss, which means I am familiar with the Holland poem too. I thought you might also like to read this mother's day essay: