Sunday, March 9, 2008

Owen Christopher: The Facts

Welcome all new readers from the Flint Journal! It will be strange to have other readers besides my mother but I'm looking forward to it!

At one year old, Owen is very healthy. This of course is aside from the flu, croup and RSV he's had since October. Hmmm....well...maybe he's not so much... What I suppose I mean is that fortunately, he is not experiencing any of the complications that come with achondroplasia. This is not to say that he won't in the future, but for now, it's smooth sailing (knock on wood).

He is 27 inches, 20 lbs, and has a head circumference of 19 1/2 inches. On the average baby charts he is below the 5th percentile for height, between the 5th and 10th for weight and in the 95th for head size (all those brains!). On the Achondroplasia charts he is between the 50th and 75th for height, the same for weight and 25th for head. These stats will put Owen's size in perspective, but in all honesty, we kinda threw the charts out the window!

Owen is a very happy kid. He pulls himself up on furniture and cruises around the house like he owns the place. He babbles and loves to eat and generally makes it impossible to keep the house clean. See? We are just like every other household with kids!

Through the past year we have experienced a lot of curiosity about dwarfism and expect even more as Owen gets older. Dan and I are have no problems answering any questions that may come about. We are happy that people want to understand. We know that there will be stares and comments in the future and have mixed feelings. On one hand we would like to believe that those ridiculous comments come from ignorance. People just don't know. On the other hand, no one ever wants their child to suffer. It will be hard to stay calm toward people who aim to hurt your child. As of right now however, how we will react is all theoretical. Our family and friends have been nothing but supportive. In fact, I dare say Owen has been an inspiration to a few people.

Feel free to poke around my blog. I have met several wonderful families who are going through the same experience. You will find them in "Owen's friends and other blogs". If you would like to email Dan or I, our addresses are at the bottom right. Our point for the blog and the article was to take away some of the mystery of dwarfism. I hope when you meet Owen or another little person, it will be easier to see the person and not his stature.


Lisa said...

I eagerly popped on the computer today to read the Flint article. I thought it was very well-written.

It doesn't matter how many times I read your story about the lethal diagnosis before Owen was born, I always cry.
I bet your phone will be ringing off the hook today. Enjoy the stardom Owen! Start charging for those autographs!
Lisa, Brian and Liz

Katie said...

I loved the article!! Reading about your experience always brings me back to the emotional times of my pregnancy! Owen is truly a "little" miracle!! I hope this brings him lots of new fame in the Flint area!!

Dave, 'LunaPierCook' said...

Cat, we just found out about the video ... that's great stuff! I like the title of "Small Wonder" as it really says a lot about not only Owen, but you and Dan as well.

Hey, did I ever send you the pics from you and Owen being at Knoah's first birthday party? If not, let me know and I'll get them to you.

Anonymous said...


I just got done reading the wonderful article about Owen, and wanted to stop in and read a little more about your family. Our world was also changed when 22 weeks into my pregnancy we found out that our son would be born with Hypolplastic left heart Syndrome.(basically he only has half a heart)Braeden has had 3 open heart surgeries at U of M, and is doing great. We also had Carol Snyder as our Pt :) I look forward to following Owen's journey...although it may be a challenge at times...we are lucky to have such amazing children to teach us so many things about life. You may visit our page if you'd is page name:babyhusted

Stephanie Husted

Tonya said...

Dan and Cat,

Bravo with the wonderful article!! I have read it several times and have watched the video! This is EXACTLY what we POLP need! To show that aside from the difference, our children are just the same as others!

The Valiant Family Updates said...

Loving the updates...keep em' coming;-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful article and video. We are so lucky and proud to have Owen in our lives. (same to Dan and Cat too!) Love to you all.

Aunt Linda, Uncle Andy, and Cousin Evelyn

Kim said...

What a great article, video and blog entries. This is so amazing and such a great way to gain more exposure to LPs. Of course Owen is just a doll and the icing on the cake!

Anonymous said...

I just read the Flint Journal article and found your blog. What a wonderful story. You have a beautiful family. Our family have been huge fans of "Little People Big World" since it's beginning. I will bookmark your blog. Owen is a beautiful child. With parents like you two he will become whatever he desires in life. Thank you for sharing him.

The Adams

Jan Scholl said...

I only buy the JOurnal on Sunday's and am glad I did yesterday. WHat a special family you have! Owen is beautiful and I hope to follow his life for a long long time thru this blog. I have added you to my Reader in my friends and family folder because even tho we havent met, I think all moms are a big family.

Anonymous said...

We love our Owen. Drew has been completely enthrawlled by the video. The article is also perfect...still a little upset that they don't metion the "pillar of strength that got you though it all" you beautiful sister and Owen's amazing Aunt Annie, but I guess I'll get over it. I am so proud of you guys and love you very much!

Hope to see you SOON??? Hurry and come!

Aunt Annie

Anonymous said...

Hi! Im from the Philippines...I was amazed by your son's story and pictures. He's angel indeed. Actually, I also had a niece with achondroplasia case...On her bith she's also diagnosed having hips dysplasia...having a hard time breathing alone that needed to be in incubator for 24hrs...but in God's blessing she survived! She's also a fighter like your son. On her eight moths of fighting with her asthma and other infection of the lungs...last july 23, 2008 our baby Sheba Marithe died because of SEVERE HYPOXIA. Until now our family was still grieving. If its not too much too ask...Im requesting everybody to pray for the soul of my niece. Thank you very much and God bless your family. Please do take care of baby Owen...he's a gift from the Lord like our baby Sheba.

You can watch her video at just search for her name"Sheba Marithe"

Michelle said...

Hello...just read some of your inspiring. We just found out today that our 17 day old has achondroplasia...still numb and processing that information but I am so encouraged by Owen's story and your story as parents. Max is our third and we are so blessed to have him. I am head over heals in love with him regardless of any diagnosis. I will certainly keep up on Owen's progress and it gives me such hope for the future!! thank you!!!

Cynthia said...

Your son is such a beautiful, adorable kid! My 2 month old son has achondroplasia. We found out halfway through the pregnancy. It was very emotional for us, but I now feel blessed to have him in our lives, and don't know what I would do without him. Thank you for sharing your story and good luck on your journey :)